Deborah Catalano Deborah Catalano

The Fox31 Denver brand was in need of a refresh, but not a complete rebrand. The previous package had used angled, flat graphics that were getting stale.  The color palette was confusing, including a red, black, and silver logo over a blue and yellow background. The General Manager did not want to lose the angled look, but wanted to breathe new life into it, including more depth, richness and complimentary colors.  I refreshed the 2D fake glass pieces with rich 3D glass panels and created a new background that held on to a rich blue, but dropped the yellow, replacing it with red highlights to compliment the logo.  The logo itself was softened from a grungy metal to a softer, brushed steel look to help attract a more refined audience.

Art Direction: Deb Catalano
Design: Deb Catalano, Nick Carvin, Ty Brayton
3D Animation (Cinema4D): Deb Catalano, Nick Carvin
VizRT Animation: Ty Brayton