Deborah Catalano Deborah Catalano

The "Colorado's Own Channel 2" brand was ready for a complete refresh. The General Manager and News Director wanted to tie the brand directly to Colorado and the iconic Colorado "C" flag. The previous look was very muted and flat, so this new look had to be saturated with the red, yellow and blue colors of the flag, had to have depth,  and had to evoke the beauty of this great state.  I started with a redesign of the Channel 2 logo, keeping the rounded box shape, but replacing the previous flat gradient with a deeply layered Colorado Flag "C",  abstracted slightly in the box to work with the "2".  From there, I extrapolated extruded arched shapes, colors, and textures to create simple frameworks for the rest of the graphics package. 

Art Direction: Deb Catalano
Design: Deb Catalano, Nick Carvin, Ty Brayton
3D Animation (Cinema4D): Deb Catalano, Nick Carvin
VizRT Animation: Ty Brayton